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Your Dedicated Bookkeeper, Controller or CFO from 4 to 16 hours/week

The Mission of Owl Bookkeeping & CFO

Owl Bookkeeping & CFO provides outsourced accounting services to small and mid-sized companies, around the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area, that are in need of a part-time or temporary financial bookkeeper or chief financial officer.

Through full charge bookkeepers, controllers, interim CFOs and liquidity management services our professionals are available to provide everything from basic bookkeeping to long-range strategic planning. By providing emergency, urgency and ongoing financial management and support, Owl Bookkeeping & CFO helps business owners who don’t have:

  • The time
  • The experience
  • The desire to manage the day-to-day financial details of their business

We’re here for the owners who need a helping hand with the finances of the company, and who would prefer, instead, to focus their energy on growth of their business.

Here at Owl Bookkeeping & CFO we even offer accounting staff training and mentoring for companies that already have accountants, but need those accountants to be more prepared for the duties their jobs require.

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We’re here to provide assistance to small and mid-sized companies throughout the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area.