Owl believes two things about small business money:

It should be stable and secure.

There should be more of it.

We pair great companies with great CFOs, bookkeepers, and controllers for
emergency, interim, or ongoing support.

Why it works

Our team members are ridiculously pleasant, talented, and experienced —
and they’ll be with you for the exact amount of time (per day, week, month, or quarter)
you need them.


The Right Accountant

Why this stuff matters

The right CFO, bookkeeper, or controller can transform your business.

Don’t believe us? Try working with the wrong person for a while and check back.

Here’s the thing

Too many smart business owners try to get by with mediocre accounting help —
or none at all. (We’re not sure which is worse.)


They think they can’t afford better help.

Finding, hiring, and getting someone up to speed sounds like a hassle.


A-ha! A solution

A full-time, rock-star CFO might bust your budget —
but you can afford that same person on an as-needed basis.

We also work with plenty of businesses that can afford full-time rock stars, but they work with us because they get the same results for less money, plus the added benefit of an objective third party.

No wasted expenses.
No biased advice.
No worrying that someone is sitting around taking up cubicle space and streaming online movies on your time.

The bottom line


Chair time is out. Healthier bottom lines are in.