What to Expect from a Bookkeeper

Do you know your bookkeeper’s job description? Do you have a bookkeeper? If your answer to the first question is “Um, keeping the books?” and your answer to either question is “no,” consider this a (very) friendly intervention.

A bookkeeper’s job is, yes, keeping the books. But that is like saying that a ballerina’s job is to . . . ballerine. Or something like that. In other words, it is a richly layered role with multiple duties — and if it’s not done right, someone’s falling off the stage.

Veteran Owl bookkeeper Shirley gives us the inside scoop: a bookkeeper handles all the inflows and outflows of cash. That means bookkeeping services should include day-to-day cash flow management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections, payroll, and bank reconciliation. As Shirley says, “If it involves money, I take it off the client’s plate.”

As a business owner, you should never worry about where your money is…or is not. That means using a bookkeeper who knows the ropes — er, books — inside and out. The goal: no uncertainty and surprises. If you are constantly having to ask your bookkeeper what is going on (or, worse, you are fighting for answers) it is time to upgrade.

Every business management team deserves — and should expect — to work with a bookkeeper who makes the wheels run smoothly. After all, worrying about the money you have distracts from time spent making more.

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