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Ask Why

Do you spend so much time finding out what is happening that you neglect to find out why?

Ask Why To Stay On Top Of The Big Stuff

As a business owner, it’s your job to stay on top of the big stuff. After all, business owners are often big-picture visionaries. And for practical purposes, you simply don’t have the time to take a deep dive into every nitty-gritty element of your business. That’s why you surround yourself with people who can own those nitty gritty elements and filter relevant information up to you as needed. (At least, we hope you surround yourself with people who can be trusted to do this.)

When this information filters up, it’s usually in the form of what:

  • What happened.
  • What went wrong.
  • What went right.
  • What needs to happen next.

What is crucial, of course. But it’s useless if you don’t also explore the why.

  • Why did this happen?
  • Why did you lose out on that customer?
  • Why was AP different than normal this month?
  • Why are your gizmos suddenly selling better in the southwest region?

What is information. Why paves the way to a solution.

Why lets you replicate and build on successes.

Why lets you circumvent future missteps.

Challenge the people in your company to come to you prepared to discuss why in addition to what. If your company doesn’t have people who can handle this shift, it’s time to ask why that is. We can help.

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We have found that the cost savings and efficiencies of working with a company like Owl is more beneficial than hiring our own in-house employee.
With Owl’s in-depth knowledge of our business and an awesome attitude, our business continues to run smoothly.
Owl staff understands not only the financial side of business but is able to coach us on other aspects of business decisions and to help us define alternatives.
The attention to detail, coupled with an understanding of and willingness to dig in to our unique systems and processes has kept us running smoothly.
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Whether you need help with accounts payable, payroll or your monthly close, our accountants ensure these critical tasks are completed accurately and on time.

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When your books are up to date, you can respond to opportunities and challenges quickly. Accurate, bank-ready financials allow you to make better decisions for your company.

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Financial Planning

Gain access to powerful insight typically only available to companies that employ a full-time controller or CFO. Leverage their expertise when you need it, without adding to your payroll.

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