Helping Small Businesses Achieve their Dreams

Minneapolis based Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services provides a reliability, consistency, and expertise that has helped hundreds of businesses grow beyond their wildest dreams.

Our bookkeeping, controller and CFO services provide your business with a dedicated, experienced team working to ensure all financial information is handled both accurately and timely.

Professional Financial Professionals

Made up of a team of dedicated financial professionals with experience across multiple industries, Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services provides unique value to businesses across the country through strategic planning.

We believe a business’ time is best spent doing what that business does best, and delegating other areas to teams you can trust.

That’s why Owl provides businesses with bookkeeping, controller, and CFO services.

Outsourcing these needs to the expert team at Owl, small businesses reap the rewards of on-time and accurate financials.

“Our bookkeepers do not work in a silo; they all work as a team to offer the very best product to our clients,” says DiAnna Olsen, spokesperson for and president of Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services. 

The Owl team ensures they have an in-depth understanding of an organization before ever opening that business’ books.

Low-Cost Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Owl is committed to working with organizations on a low-cost fractional use basis, leveraging support staff to ensure the right bookkeeping work and reporting are done at the lowest possible cost. Bringing decades of experience to each project,

Owl works with innovative companies regularly and provides strategic financial guidance to help them achieve and surpass their goals.

Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services help with:

  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Key Business Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Budget Implementation And Oversight
  • Financial Insights
  • Employee Termination Counseling

Many small businesses have suffered during this season of COVID-19. Legislation at both the national and state levels have attempted to assist small businesses.

Owl continues to grow in the area of offering services and products amid such uncharted territory.

“We value Owl’s service because, like what we do (Outsource for technology management and support) – they are an outsource for an important business function – [bookkeeping]. Working with Owl over the years, we’ve been able to scale as our needs change (say for specific initiatives/projects) while also keeping the “week by week” stuff on track. From a security perspective, I also like the having “segregation of duties” which Owl helps us solve,” says Reid Johnston, president of TechGen, another organization assisting small businesses to succeed.

TechGen provides stress-free IT services to businesses of varying sizes and has given excellent IT support to Owl’s team by allowing them to “leverage awesome tools like Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, and SharePoint. [This] in turn, supports [Owl’s] clients,” adds Johnston.

By enabling multi-factor authentication for all users, TechGen helps keep Owl’s accounts and interaction with clients safe.

Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services’ Philanthropy

Small businesses are life-giving to communities, and Owl helps these small businesses succeed. In doing so, Owl benefits communities around the nation. But Owl’s resources don’t stop there — the organization is proud to participate in charitable work at Mabel’s Free Clinic in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

The clinic serves many schools and orphanages, providing free medical and dental care, optometric care, and minor eye surgery. The clinic also supplies clothing, household goods, and school supplies.

Over the last 20 years, Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services has grown from a one-woman bookkeeping service to an industry-leading bookkeeping and CFO services provider with a wide-ranging team of more than 30 financial experts.

Owl’s experts understand how businesses grow and are ready to handle any challenge your business faces, regardless of the type of industry you’re in.

With properly handled bookkeeping, a business can expand and multiply. With experience spanning decades, the team at Owl sets companies up to succeed.

If you are a small business owner in need of bookkeeping, book your free consultation today!


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Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services

Our team here at Owl has been built by selecting talent that has extensive in-the-field experience in multiple industries.

Our team members, on average, have experience that spans decades.

You won’t find a more authentic, and efficient group of financial professionals anywhere else.