When to Get Bookkeeping and CFO Help

If you are pulling your hair out and spending much of your time under the desk in the fetal position, you already know that it is time to get help for your business.

What about less acutely awful situations? How can you stay ahead of the game and get help before you are in a full-scale crisis?

Here is how to know when to reach out:

  • When you need focused vision and direction to keep your team (and you) on track.
  • When you want to establish — and achieve — immediate viability as well as strategic, long-term success.
  • When you need the insight and fresh eyes of a qualified, objective person.
  • When you have been pretending that, between you and your accountant, you “sort of” have your financial strategy figured out.
  • When you are growing, but you know you can grow more.

Needing help does not necessarily mean shelling out for another full-time salary. The trick is to find the right help.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who surrounds yourself with top-notch people but cannot afford to hire a CFO full-time.

Or maybe you are tired of paying people for “chair time” and are ready for reliable, accountable, results-focused performance.

There are options out there for you. Do not wait until you are underwater (or under your desk).

Don’t stop here.  Be sure to check out some of our other accounting resources.

Less cost. Less payroll. More profits.


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