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Hiring Tune-Up

Hiring Tune-Up Growing Your Business Through Smart Hiring: This Five-Step “Hiring Tune-Up” Will Help You Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competition In the words of Stanford economist Paul Romer, “a recession is a terrible thing to waste.” By any standard, the past year has proven itself to be challenging, both personally and professionally. But […]

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Owl Bookkeeping And CFO Services Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Cash Flow Swing Factors Part Three It’s time for part three of the Cash Flow Swing Factors. By now, you should feel like you’re really in the swing of things.  Le topic du jour? Accounts payable. Undeniably less fun than accounts receivable, but an essential part of business nonetheless.  Sometimes accounts payable seems

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Owl Bookkeeping And CFO Services How to Avoid Fraud

How to Avoid Fraud

How to Avoid Fraud By altering company deposit slips, an employee was able to embezzle $244,000. She prepared two deposit slips: one put funds into the company’s account and the other put funds into her own bank account. This went on for over three years without detection because the employee handled both bookkeeping and deposit

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